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Sadie Rankin

New website

Thanks to everyone at the Church. Thanks to the ladies who made our pre-funeral welcome to mourners such a success. The family were able to meet and talk with friends and indeed family many of whom we had not met for years. We entered the church replenished with memories and stories of Sadie. Dear Elma, you played the organ and Simone, Sadie's wee great-granddaughter from Canada looked up entranced. You likely didn't hear but she clapped and called out "bravo" when you finished the first piece of music. Sadie would have liked that. And thankyou for the flowers not only the magnificent ones in the church on the day of the funeral but also those brought round to her when she was ill. But most of all thank you for being good Christian friends to Sadie over many, many years. She loved her church and appreciated the comfort and support received therein.

Sadie's children, Ann, Thom, Liz and Rosslyn
Well done in producing this new website. It is informative and welcoming to anyone already coming to Church or considering it. I'm sure a lot of thought and work went into the production. Well done!

Dunbeth Relief Church

Hello from New Zealand My Gt Gt Grandparents were married at the Dunbeth Relief Church in 1852. I am trying to establish where that actual church was located and if the building still exists. I will be visiting from New Zealand in September and would like to at least visit the site if not the actual building. From the internet I have established that the Dunbeth Relief congregation built a church in 1839 and a new church was built in 1872. Is this the former church building situated on the corner of Weir and Albert Streets? If so is it the 1872 building? Does the 1839 building still exist? Where is/was it sited? I would be ever so grateful for your response to this email.