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Home Comforts collection for January and February is deodorant
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Souper Sunday Service
on Sunday 24th February at 11.00am
Retiring offering for Church of Scotland HIV Programme
Simple snack of soup and bread afterwards

Communion will be celebrated on Sunday 3rd March
at 11.00am and 3.00pm.   All welcome
Our Minister is the Rev Fiona Nicolson. Fiona conducts the service most Sundays supported by members of the congregation who form the choir and deliver bible readings.

At several special services during the year representatives of our youth organisations take an active part in the service.

Our normal Sunday services are at 11am.  On Remembrance Sunday the service is at 10.45am.

Children and young people participate in the first part of the service then leave to join the Crèche, Sunday School and Youth Group.

Tea and coffee are served in the church hall after each service - everyone is made very welcome.
We worship in a red sandstone church dating from 1839.  It occupies a commanding site a short distance from Coatbridge town centre.  

New St Andrew's Parish Church was formed in 2008 as a result of a union. In fact, the current charge is the result of the unions of some seven congregations over the past five decades.   The first of these congregations was founded in 1837.
"Behold I am making all things new"    Rev 21:5

Feb 2nd - Sunday School Coffee Morning 10 to 12
Feb 2nd - Girls' Brigade Ceilidh at 7.30pm
Feb 4th - Property Committee at 7.00pm
Feb 17th - Thinking Day Service at 11.00am
Feb 18th - Trustees' Meeting at 7.00pm
Feb 18th - Followed by Congregational Board
Feb 24th - Souper Sunday at 11.00am

Mar 1st - World Day of Prayer
Mar 2nd - Boys' Brigade Caberoke at 7.30pm
Mar 3rd - Communion at 11.00am and 3.00pm
Mar 11th - Kirk Session at 7.30pm
Mar 23rd - Daffodil Tea 10.00am to 12noon
Mar 24th - Stated Annual Meeting at 12noon


Apr 8th - Congregational Board at 7.30pm
Apr 14th - Palm Sunday Service at 11.00am
Apr 18th - School Service at 9.30am
Apr 18th - Maundy Thursday Communion at 7.00pm
Apr 19th - Good Friday Service at 7.00pm
Apr 21st - Easter Sunday Service at 11.00am
Apr 27th - Talent Show at 7.00pm

Messy Church

Messy Church is an opportunity for families to get together with other families to have fun doing arts and crafts, all with a Biblical theme. Then to explore that together through worship.

It’s lots of fun, can sometimes be quite messy and is a GREAT way to learn about God and the Bible in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. A good time for all the family! Look out for details of our next event in the Church Magazine or Order of Service and come along and give it a try ?
Café Church

Café Church is an opportunity to sit and talk with others over a coffee (or tea if you prefer), to take part in activities and discussions which explore Christian themes in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

It’s a great way to explore your faith with others and to have fun and fellowship with other Christians. Look out for details of our next event in the Church Magazine or Order of Service and come along and give it a try?
Holy communion
Prayer groups
We celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of March, June and September and on the last Sunday of November.  Our Communion Service is open to all those who love the Lord.
Our Bible Study Group meets every Tuesday afternoon in the Memorial Chapel.
    Help in the community
Always welcome
We support the local community in many ways including:

- baptism, wedding and funeral services
- making our halls available for other charities
- supporting local and national charities
- running youth and adult organisations
- working with local schools
Our church is open to everyone.   Office bearers at the front door will provide a warm welcome, answer any questions you may have or address any concerns.    Please feel free to sit anywhere.          We are wheel chair friendly with ramped access to the church and hall.   (Click HERE for more information).   Come as you are.    There really is not a dress code – you can decide how smart or casual you want to be.    Just relax and be yourself.

Over the next few months please pray for:        

  • 20 20 Vision Committee
  • all our church organisations
  • all our youth organisations and their leadership
  • other churches in Coatbridge

Thinking Day Service
February 2019

The church was very busy with young people, parents and friends for the Guide Thinking Day Service.   The Guides, Boys’ Brigade, Girls’ Brigade and Sunday School were well represented.   Young people called us to worship, presented readings and led us in prayer. 

Fiona reminded us all that at the service last year, our Year of Young People was started and today’s service marked the end of that year.  There have been challenges during the year.  Our YOYP sub-group will keep going to try and attract some forward thinkers to look at how we meet these challenges.  The group will be renamed 20 20 Vision.

Fiona had asked our young people what they thought the challenges were.  The main ones put forward are shown.



Challenge is change”                   CHALLENGE              “Challenge is about all of us”

Fiona had also asked our young people for their image of what a church would be like.  The young people brought forward their thoughts to complete the church puzzle.  These thoughts will be presented to the 20 20 Committee for discussion.

Fiona thanked all for their participation during the Year of Young People.   We must work as one family moving forwards to the church of the future with God’s help.  We must face up to the challenge with all involved.   Fiona thanked the Guides for sharing their Thinking Day service and in conclusion all sections of the Guides renewed their promises.
Messy Church with Greenhill School

January 2019

We had a class from Greenhill School over at Messy Church.   They have sent us some photos.  The theme was resilience and everyone had great fun and learned a lot.
Hoola Hoop Challenge
Decorating our special gift boxes
Painting the qualities we want or need for our Graffiti Wall
Resilience Board Game
Boys'  Brigade

Competition Results
February 2019

Battalion Cross Country   

Junior Team winners   ---    Intermediate team 3rd place   ---   Overall Joint winners

Junior race placings   ---   Harrison Howe 3rd,   Ross Nelson 5th,   Harris McCloy 7th   
Damien Gordon 14th,   Zack McCann 15th,   AJ Noble 20th,   Dylan Eadon 25th,   
Cameron Duigan 29th

Intermediate race placings   ---   George Duigan 8th,   Ben Mathieson 10th,   Zac Roberts 16th, 
Kyle Orr 19th,   Dylan Law 21st

Senior race placings   ---   Craig McKee 2nd,    Louis Beattie 7th

Swimming Gala

Junior section team   ---   Ethan Moonan, Rhys Marshall, Elliot Bell and Sonny Murray

Company section Relay winners   ---   Blair McKean, Craig McKee, Lewis McKean and Callum Nelson

Junior team   ---   Etan Fleming (gold and silver), Ross Nelson, Zack McCann, Josh McDonald, Cameron Duigan and Harris McCloy

Intermediate team   ---   Blair McKean (2 golds), Dylan Eadon, Dylan Law, Damien Gordon,
Ben Mathieson and Kyle Orr

Senior team   ---   Lewis McKean (2 golds), Craig McKee (Silver and Bronze) and Callum Nelson

Company section team winners and overall company winners

Scripture Knowledge

Joint 3rd   ---   Craig McKee, Lewis McKean, Zac Roberts and Kyle Orr

Christmas  2018

Christmas 2018 was very busy especially for Fiona and the Discipleship Committee with lots of different things going on.

At the beginning of Advent, P1 and P2 from Greenhill Primary were at the church hall for Messy Church.  The children decorated small circles with sparkly stickers and these were used to cover a frieze of the Nativity scene. The frieze was then displayed in the church.

There was also Messy Church with the Rainbows this year.  Angels and stars were made.  These were used while Fiona was telling the story of the Nativity.

The annual joint Carol Service was held in St Patrick’s Church this year. It was a really good evening with lots of people from both our churches present.  Both church choirs presented items individually and jointly.  The Key House Singers also entertained with several Christmas songs.  There was an offering for Christian Aid and the fantastic sum of £600 was raised.  Afterwards, in the hall there was tea, coffee, cakes and fellowship.

The Christingle Service proved very popular this year. There were lots of carols and everyone, young and old, enjoyed the spectacle of the Christingles being lit and the lights being dimmed.

At the Christmas service for Greenhill and Drumpark schools, the children made a human Christmas tree with the baubles telling the Christmas story.

Our children from the church helped us think about the fourth Sunday in Advent by presenting their Nativity  during the service.  The children had been working hard and their efforts were well received by the congregation.  Afterwards, everyone was invited over to the hall for mince pies.

The Christmas Eve Service this year was for all the family and was held at the earlier time of 7.00pm.  There was an offering for St Andrew’s Hospice which realised £412.
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 Retirement of our Organist and Choirmaster

Our organist and choirmaster Stewart Alston has retired from his post, and on Sunday 4th November he played his last official service.  He was then presented with a Bible and gifts, from the church and from the choir, in recognition of 23 years faithful service to our Church. Stewart has been a faithful, dedicated and supportive organist throughout his time in office for which we should all rightly give thanks.  The best wishes and grateful thanks of the Kirk Session and the congregation are extended to Stewart.  
Remembrance Sunday 2018

Sunday 11th November 2018

In the morning, the church was very busy for the Remembrance Service which, of course was taking place to the day on the 100th anniversary of the armistice which ended the Great War of 1914 to 1918.  

After the Act of Remembrance, three young men from the Boys’ Brigade laid a wreath at the communion table.  Three young ladies from the Girls’ Brigade, Girl Guides and Sunday School read the lessons.  The readings were from Psalm 137 where the yearnings of the Jewish people during their Babylonian exile are expressed and also from John where Jesus’ command: Love each other as I have loved you; Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends; is contained.

The family talk was entitled “There but not there”.  The young people had observed the Tommy silhouette at the entrance to the church which made us all remember the service men who laid down their lives during WW1.  Also there were nine transparent figures in the pews about the church.  Each had 30 names behind them representing the 270 men from our congregation who had died during WW1.  Fiona thanked the anonymous donor of the silhouette and figures which made us all think about the idea of there but not there and the sacrifice that people gave and that we should remember.  The talk ended with six young people reading a poem entitled There But Not There  which is printed here with permission.

When you are young and days are full of carefree fun and laughter
When everything seems to be full of joy and expectation
And even when things don’t go exactly as you plan
Remember me you brother and your sister – there but not there
When you are going to school and university
When you start your first job
When you think about all that lies ahead for you
Remember me your brother and your sister – there but not there
When your life is full of things that make you smile
When family and friends are such an important part of your life
When career and prospects start to bear fruit
Remember me your brother and your sister – there but not there
When you have to face life’s ups and down
When things don’t go entirely to plan
When you wonder how to make life work
Remember me your brother and your sister – there but not there
When you reach a stage when you can look back over your life
When you can think of the good times and the bad
When you can share that with your family and friends
Remember me your brother and your sister – there but not there
In times of joy, in times of sorrow,
In times of certainty, in times of confusion
In all the times of life your living out day by day
Remember me your brother and your sister – there but not there

In the evening there was a Songs of Praise service for Remembrance which had been compiled and was presented by the Outreach Committee. There were great hymns and appropriate poems for the occasion.   Also, at 7.05pm, as part of the Ringing Out for Peace, the bells rang out for two minutes once again allowing everyone to have their own thoughts and remember.   Earlier in the week, the Outreach Committee had been over at Drumpark School for a Remembrance Messy Church.
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Guild Session 2018 - 2019

The Guild is looking forward to several events this coming session.  A lunch is planned for November with our Guild Link ladies from Campsie Guild in Lennoxtown. 
Guild week is November 18-25 when there will be a Big Sing in New Wellwynd Church in Airdrie.  This will involve guilds from our council, Hamilton North, and also from Hamilton South, Glasgow North East and Falkirk councils.

We have six new projects for the next three years.  We have chosen to support the Sailors’ Society this year.  With the money raised, the society is hoping to appoint a chaplain in each port in Britain.

The amount raised for the last three year projects was approximately £750,000.
Click here for this session's syllabus
Youth Dedication Service 2018

The Youth Dedication Service took place in the church this year on Sunday 7th October.  The church was very busy with young people from the Boys’ Brigade, the Girls’ Brigade and the Guides along with their families and friends. The young people on The Year of Young People 2018 committee had chosen the hymns and organised the service. 

After the presentation of the colours, Bethany from the Girls’ Brigade led us in prayer.  Then Emma and Eve from the Guides read from 1 John chapter 4 at verses 7 to 21 which talks about God’s love and ours.

In her talk to the young people, Fiona enquired if everyone knew about the card game Happy Families.  She had some big cards from a pack and there was no problem in volunteers from each of the organisations coming out to help her. Each had a card and they had to find the other members of their card family out in the congregation.  This did not take long and soon the chancel was full of happy families.  Fiona pointed out that we should be nice, support and be there for our own families.  Also we should do the same for our organisation as a family, for our town as a family, for our country as a family and for our world as a family.  God so loved the world and we need to care about everybody.  People will hopefully understand about God’s love by the way we behave towards others.  Not easy – but everyone agreed to try.

After the dedication of the of the officers and young people of the Boys’ Brigade and the Girls’ Brigade, Fiona made presentations to Guides who had achieved their Baden Powell Badges and Camp Permits.

                       Baden Powell Badges                                           Camp Permits

                       Heather Barclay                                                     Molly Biggar        
                       Christie Cook                                                          Christie Cook
                       Elise Lytell                                                                   Elise Lytell
                       Emma McCrimmon                                                Emma McGhie
                       Chelsea Sedgeworth                                              Aimee Smith
                       Aimee Smith

Lewis from the Boys’ Brigade led us in a final prayer and after the colours were returned, the Benediction was pronounced after the National Anthem.
Harvest  2018

The Harvest Service took place this year on Sunday 30 September.  Fiona, in her children’s address, reminded us all that Harvest was previously known as Harvest Thanksgiving and sometimes we forget that it is all about giving thanks.  Over at Sunday School, the children made a fruit basket.   Fiona’s sermon was based on the words of Isaiah on the Invitation to the thirsty and also on the words of Mark when Jesus fed the five thousand.  At end of the service there was a retiring offering for Mary’s Meals.

After the service there was a sale of produce made or grown and the proceeds of this will also go to Mary’s Meals.  The Sunday School also had a collection for the Coatbridge Food Bank.

The total raised for Mary's Meals from the retiring offering and the harvest stall was £462 - thanks to all who donated, bought and helped with the stall.

On Monday, the Discipleship Committee were over at Drumpark School for Messy Church when the children decorated fruit with stickers and jewels.

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Year of Young People 2018
Service of Appreciation

As part of the Year of Young People 2018, our young people decided to organise a service of appreciation for their leaders and teachers.  Along with Fiona, Bethany Tinsley from the Girls’ Brigade devised a service which was conducted entirely by the young people and took place in the Church on 11th September 2018.  Lots of our young people along with their leaders and teachers attended the service.  There was also a great turnout of parents and friends.

Molly Biggar from the Guides welcomed everybody and George Duigan from the Boys’ Brigade, Ross Nelson from the Sunday School, Bethany from the Girls’ Brigade and Elise Lytell from the Guides called everyone to worship.   There was praise throughout the service led by a band from the Elim Church, Coatbridge.  After Connie Heron led us in prayer, Sophie Duncan and Ross delivered the readings. 

Next the question was "What do we do?"  A slide show let everyone see what each organisation does.   Also a representative from each organisation gave a Thank You talk to their leaders – Amy Smith from the Guides, Bethany from the Girls’ Brigade, Sophie from the Sunday School and George from the Boys’ Brigade.   Also there was a surprise presentation of YOYP certificates to all leaders and teachers.  After a final prayer from Zac Roberts of the Boys’ Brigade and uplifting singing of Shine Jesus shine, the service was concluded with the Benediction.   After the service, the young people had arranged a tea party for all their leaders and teachers where a celebration cake was cut.  

Congratulations to our young people for a really uplifting evening keen to thank their leaders and teachers for the time and commitment they devote to them.
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  Talent  Show

As part of their community integration initiative Greenhill pupils have linked with some members of our congregation as pen pals.   This is proving to be a big success and more children are keen to participate in this.

Many of the children currently participating met up with their pen pals at a recent Tea n Talent show held in the Church in June 2018 but hosted by the school.

The talent show featured 18 acts which had been selected from many more.  There was singing, dancing, piano and trumpet playing, taekwondo, gymnastics and joke telling.   

Fiona, Dorothy and Moira Kyle were the judges and it was no easy task.  The morning was great fun and lots of chatter could be heard in the hall amongst the generations.   A great success.
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Pentecost  2018

There was a lot going on at the Pentecost service this year.
Christian Aid Week has just ended and Fiona was delighted to let us know that, to date, the fantastic sum of £967 had been raised from retiring offerings and The Big Sing.  Lots of people had written their short messages on the Bricks of Hope and added them to the Home of Hope.
Fiona explained to the young people about Pentecost.  The disciples and other Christians had come together to thank God and suddenly a sound like the blowing of a strong wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting.   Next, they saw tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. When the tongues of fire came they were filled with the Holy Spirit.   There was great excitement in the Church when lots of tongues of fire came tumbling down from the gallery on to the young people!
The young people returned to the Church from Sunday School and talked to the congregation about themselves and what was happening in this the Year of Young People 2018.
In the afternoon Messy Church took place in the Hall and again the theme was Pentecost.

Also, the Discipleship Committee visited Drumpark School when flame head dresses were made by the young people.

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Congratulations to the Guides and Brownies on their 90th Birthday
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Easter 2018

There was a lot going on in the church this year leading up to Easter Sunday. 

The young people from Greenhill Primary were over at the hall for Messy Church.  Two hand painted banners were produced proclaiming HE IS RISEN.  Lots of green palm branches were also produced.  Both Greenhill Primary and Drumpark Primary had their end of term Easter Service on Maundy Thursday and the palm branches were put to good use.

On entering the church on Palm Sunday everyone received a palm branch. These were waved throughout the service and, on leaving, everyone received a cross made from palm fronds.  Holy Communion was celebrated on Maundy Thursday and there was also a service on Good Friday.

On Easter Sunday the Guides had organised an Easter Breakfast in the Hall where one of the banners was on display. Afterwards, in the church with the other banner on display, Easter and the Resurrection were celebrated.  Before the young people left to go over to Sunday School, Fiona had six yellow EASTER eggs which they opened revealing Easter pictures.  Then the annual egg hunt took place. Also the Easter Bonnet and Bunnet competition was judged with everyone, young and old, coming forward with their amazing designs of hats.

Throughout Holy Week, collections were received and a fantastic total of £503 was forwarded to Macmillan Cancer Support.
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Souper Sunday 2018

Souper Sunday  took place this year on Sunday 25th February.   John Williamson welcomed everyone, letting us know that the service would be a special act of worship led by elders and members of the congregation.  He reminded us that Souper Sunday is an initiative of the Church of Scotland HIV Programme allowing us to look at some issues around HIV, as well as raising money for projects around the world that are responding to the challenge of HIV.  This year, the focus is on the passage from Matthew’s gospel where Jesus tells us to care for those who are hungry, thirsty, ill or vulnerable – ‘the least of these’.

After Dorothy Dunlop called us to worship, Fiona Marwick led us in prayer.

John Scougall then spoke to the young people. Three volunteers had to pretend that they each had something they needed to see the doctor about.   John acted as the doctor and gave them the medicine but then immediately took it away.  The point being that if you needed to have medicine to get better but could not get it, how would you feel?

Edward Poller then read from Matthew 25 from verses 25 to 40 and also from Isaiah 1 at verse 17.

Jim Murray and Fiona Marwick told us about a girl who lived in a small village on the shores of Lake Malawi.  She had tested positive for HIV and was put on antiretroviral medications.  For these medications to be effective, she required to have nutritious food which her father could not afford.  However, through an AIDS programme funded from the Church of Scotland HIV Programme, she was able to get access to the required nutritional food.  She was aged 10 then and is now in her 20s and studying at night school.

Joan Hamilton then told us that there is still a huge amount of stigma attached to HIV and it is crucial that children who have been exposed to the disease are tested as soon as possible.  Further, in her talk, Dorothy Dunlop reminded us that Jesus said “ Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

After Anne Clemenson led us in our prayers of intercession, Dorothy thanked everyone who had taken part in the service.  She then reminded us about the retiring offering and invited us to the hall for soup and bread.  

The retiring collection raised the fantastic sum of £500.
Boys' Brigade

Competition Results

Battalion Vaulting Competition

The company section was 1st equal with 6/7th Airdrie in  the Battalion vaulting competition which was held on Friday 16th February. The team members were Callum Nelson, Robert Ballantyne, Adam McRae, George Duigan, Blair McKean, Harrison Howe, Craig McKee and Zac Roberts.

Another great result.  Well done boys.
Year of Young People 2018
Thinking Day Service

This service took place on Sunday 18th February.  The church was very busy with young people from the Guides, the Boys’ Brigade, the Girls’ Brigade and the Sunday School along with their parents and friends.  Fiona explained that today’s service had been designed and will be conducted by our young people and four of them called us to worship.

After the Presentation of Colours and prayer, the Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Guiders renewed their promises.  Connie Heron then read from Romans 4 at verses 4-8 where we heard that each one of us has been given a special gifting and called to a specific purpose. On our own we will not accomplish much.  Joining together with other believers and utilising their gifting is what brings meaning and fullness to the body of Christ.  Fiona then talked to the young people about feeling valued and how in 2018 the Church is going to look at how to help young people more.  A group of young people demonstrated that, by not doing as instructed, things do not always work out.  Everyone must feel equally important.  Molly Biggar then led the congregation in the Act of Commitment.

As New St Andrew’s Parish Church we commit ourselves to prioritise the  needs of children and young people.
•  We will create a community of faith where young people are valued, listened to, and are actively involved in            the life, work and mission of the  church
•  We will create worship that is meaningful and relevant to all.
   We will provide an environment where the faith of children and young  people  can grow and deepen in love,          respect and with confidence.
•  We will work alongside young  people as equal partners, journeying  together in discipleship.
•  We will seek to enable their voices to be present within our decision-making  structures.
•  We will provide training for our parents, volunteers and leaders.
•  We will offer pastoral support and encouragement for our young people.
•  We believe in a church where young and old learn from each other and grow with each other.
•  We believe that every young person in Scotland, and within the Church of Scotland, matters!

Alison McAuley, our Brownie Leader, then presented Claire Doherty with her Adult Leadership Qualification.   Alexis Crichton has celebrated 40+ years in Guiding and had recently been invited to the National Scout and Guide Service of Celebration and Thanksgiving in Westminster Abbey.  Morag White presented Alexis with a memento in recognition of her achievement.

After Fiona and several young people led us in the Year of Young People Prayer, the colours were returned and the service concluded with the National Anthem and the Benediction.

Boys’ Brigade

Competition Results

Battalion Cross Country Competition

Battalion 5 a side Football

The Company Section took part in the Battalion Cross Country Competition on Saturday 3rd February 2018.   The company was first in the Intermediate event, with individual medals going to Lewis McKean in second place and Adam McCrae in third place.  In the Junior event, the section was placed third.   Overall the Company achieved first place in the competition.

On the same afternoon the Junior Section won the Battalion 5 aside football competition .

Great results and well done to all the boys who took part.
Greenhill Primary - Home Comforts

Pupils from Greenhill Primary collected items for Home Comforts starter packs at their Harvest Service.  In the first week in January 2018, pupils from primary 6 came along to the Church Hall to make up the packs as part of their work with the community.   They worked very hard and everyone seemed to enjoy helping.
Home Comforts is a project started several years ago by the Scottish Churches Housing Action (SCHA) and some local Christians.   The aim is to provide starter packs for the homeless in the North Lanarkshire Area.   Most housing for the homeless is furnished and contains basic household goods.   However homeless households then face difficulties when they move into their own flat, an empty and bare space.      Home Comforts then supplies a starter pack which consists of:

                                                                                                     Washing up liquid
                                                                                                     Plastic brush and shovels
                                                                                                     Foam filled scourers
                                                                                                     Pot scourers
                                                                                                     Bin bags
                                                                                                     Hand and dish towels
                                                                                                     Cream cleanser
                                                                                                     Toilet rolls

As this is a long term project, donations are required on a regular basis.   A committee of people from various churches runs the project and meets once a month here in New St. Andrew’s Church.
Christingle  Services  2017

There were two Christingle Services this year.   During the day we had the Drumpark School Service and in the evening Fiona conducted the Community Service.

The hall was full with the children from Drumpark who made their own Christingles prior to the service.  Great fun was had, especially when the lights were put off and the hall was lit up just by the Christingles. 

The Christingles for the evening service were made by Fiona and volunteers from the congregation.  The service was well attended.  There were readings and carols and the choir from Greenhill School sang.
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Joint Carol Service 2017

The joint carol service with St Patrick's Church took place this year in New St Andrew's.  The were great carols for the congregation to sing and both church choirs performed pieces jointly and on their own.  There were also readings and reflections.  Fiona and Father Eamonn led the prayers.  An offering was taken for Christian Aid and this raised £440.  Afterwards there was tea, coffee, cakes and fellowship in the hall. 

This year we invited members of the Church, organisations and our community to enter a decorated tree.   There were a fair number of entries and Fiona invited The Rev Robbie Hamilton of New Wellwynd Church to choose the winner.  He said it was a close thing but it was the tree entered by Jean Reid from our congregation that was declared the winner.
Jean's winning entry
Messy Church at Greenhill Primary

Advent 2017

Fiona and the Discipleship Committee were invited to work with P1 and P2 at Greenhill during Advent. 
Great fun was had making angels and stars.
Long  Service  Certificates

In church recently, Fiona presented long service certificates to five of our elders recognising thirty years of service that each has given to the church.   The certificates, signed by the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, were presented to Sandra Burns, Alexis Crichton, Moira McCall, Jessie Rock and Alan Walker.  Fiona thanked them  for their service to the church and wished all of them many years of continuing work within our congregation.
Working Together

Recently, while Fiona was having a week’s annual leave, Lynette Jardine was leading us in worship.  She reminded the young people of the story of the great big turnip which would not come out the ground until lots of people and animals joined together to uproot it.   She had a big turnip in the church and involved the session clerk, the church officer and many others in trying to pull it up.  It wasn’t until the youngest member from the children joined in, that it moved.  The point being that all ages require to work together for things to be successful.
Remembrance Sunday 2017

The Remembrance Service took place this year on  12 November.   The church was very busy with all the youth organisations on parade along with parents and friends.  The Boys’ Brigade, Girls’ Brigade and Guide colours were presented and then John Scougall, Boys’ Brigade officer laid a wreath at the communion table. 
The lessons were read by Craig McKee from the Boys’ Brigade and Mia Robertson from the Girls’ Brigade.  Craig read from Matthew on love for enemies and Mia read from 1 John on God’s love and ours.

Fiona’s family talk was on Remember.  Eight young people helped Fiona on this theme.  They held up poppy outlines with bible texts and by a quick move, their usual red colour revealed the letters R E M E M B E R.  The poppy is a symbol of remembering those who died on our behalf.  Loving one another now is proof that we do remember those who have gone.  In addition to these eight poppies, there were lots of different poppies both inside and outside the church.  Inside, thanks to Greenhill Primary Messy Church, there were lollipop poppies, a long field of poppies and paper wreaths.  Outside, thanks to the hard work of the Outreach Committee, there were over 600  plastic poppies on the front railings.

Continuing her theme, Fiona reinforced our scripture readings that remembering is about how we conduct ourselves all the time.  We must love one another by caring, listening, encouraging, helping and getting on with others.  Remembrance is for everyone – we can all do something which can make a difference.

After Molly Biggar from the Guides led us in prayer, the colours were returned and the service ended with the National Anthem and the Benediction.
School Remembrance Service
Fiona conducted a Remembrance Service in the church on 10th November for Greenhill School.  The pupils took part and all their work from Messy Church was on display in the church.  There was also a silence for the Act of Remembrance.

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Boys’ Brigade Battalion Parade

The Boys’ Brigade Battalion Parade took place on Sunday 29 October 2017 and Fiona conducted the service here in New St Andrew’s.  At the service, our company, 1st Coatbridge, received the Battalion Company Section Challenge Trophy for last session.  This was presented by the Battalion President, George Bustard.  Unfortunately our captain, Jim Elliot, was not able to be present due to ill health.  In his absence the trophy was presented to his daughters, Lisa and Yvonne
Wedding Dress Festival October 2017

The Guild presented a Wedding Dress Festival in the church on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st October.  The display depicted different styles of wedding dresses through the decades.

In welcoming everyone to the festival, Fiona hoped that all would enjoy the visit and welcomed everyone back anytime.  As she said, traditionally we have quite a few weddings in the Church and these are always happy times where precious memories are made and shared.  Over the years we have seen many beautiful brides, in a variety of fashions – each very different and unique.

Of course, the most important part of the day is the vows which each take and hear, as promises are made and blessed.  Then we are reminded of the qualities of love and of keeping on loving.  Something special for all of us to hold on to.

Netta Stoddart from the Guild thanked everyone for coming  and was sure that some of the gowns would bring back memories of our own weddings or those of friends and family.  After viewing the display in the church and looking at some wedding pictures of the congregation in the memorial chapel, there was an invitation to join the Guild in the hall for tea or coffee and a piece of wedding cake.  The proceeds from the event will be used in part to support Guild projects.
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Messy Church October 2017
Youth Dedication Service  2017

The annual Youth Dedication Service took place this year on Sunday 8th October.  The church was very busy with the Boys’ Brigade, Girls’ Brigade, Guides and Sunday School all assembled.   After the colours were presented, Bethany from the Girls’ Brigade led us in prayer with Heather from the Guides then reading the parable of the lost sheep from Luke’s gospel.

Fiona then talked about the greatest of the least.  The young people had to decide which was the greatest of pairs of things.  For example, an ounce or a kilogram, a foot or a metre and 70oF or 25oC and 33 or 5.  Most people got them right, although there was a bit of a discussion about the last one.   The congregation had to help out that 1 stone actually was equal to 14 pounds and nobody believed Fiona when she said that out of 1 or 11 x 9 = 99, 1 was the greatest.   She explained that as we heard in our reading, although the shepherd had 99 of his 100 sheep in the pen, it was important to him that he found the 1 lost sheep and carry it back to the pen.   Although Jesus was talking about sheep, every single one of us is important to God – he loves every one of us whether we are a member of an organisation or the congregation.

After the dedication of the Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Brigade, Fiona paid tribute to Irene Krebs, who was standing down as Girls’ Brigade captain and had great pleasure in commissioning Linzi Munro as her replacement.  Presentations were made to five boys who achieved the Queen’s Award and also to Jim Elliot in recognition of 30 years as Boys’ Brigade captain.
After Lewis from the Boys’ Brigade led us in the offering prayer, the colours were returned, the National Anthem played and the service concluded with the Benediction. 
Silent Auction 2017
A Silent Auction was held on Saturday 30th September.  Items were handed in during the week for sorting by the Fundraising Committee.  Lots of people attended and the fantastic sum of £1,046 was raised.
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Messy Church with the Schools   2017 - 2018
The monthly lunch time club with the schools has restarted.  In September the theme was Joseph.
Fiona took the Drumpark and Greenhill Harvest Service where the talk was on giving thanks and giving something back.  The Drumpark pupils had collected for the Shoebox Appeal and the Greenhill pupils for Home Comforts. 
In October the topic was thanks for harvest and our world. THANKS has been written in fruit, flowers and vegetables.
In November the theme was Remembrance.   The pupils produced lots of things with a poppy theme.
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The Rev Ian Brady - 50th Anniversary
During this year’s Harvest Service, Fiona commented that the harvest month of September was special to her.  This year in 2017, she was celebrating 12 years as our minister here at New St Andrew’s and 21 years since her ordination.  She was delighted to welcome the Rev Ian Brady and his wife Pat to our service.  Ian was celebrating 50 years since his ordination and induction as minister of Gartsherrie Parish Church, the building in which we now worship as New St Andrew’s.  Ian spoke of his fond memories of the building, the people and his ministry from way back then.  He thanked Fiona for inviting him back and wished the congregation well.  Afterwards, in the Hall, Fiona presented Pat with flowers and invited Ian to cut a celebration cake recognising his 50 years in the ministry.
Harvest Sunday 2017
Our Harvest Service took place on Sunday 10th September this year.  During the service we considered the importance of giving thanks through our words and actions as we celebrate Harvest together.  Afterwards there was a Harvest Stall in the Hall for items made and grown by us.  All of the proceeds, along with the givings from a retiring offering went to St Andrew’s Hospice. The total raised was £675. Once again, a special thank you to the Sunday School for collecting tins for the Community Foodbank.
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Schools End of Term Service

Drumpark and Greenhill Primary Schools had their end of term service in the Church on Tuesday 27th June.   The children took part by singing songs, helping with the offering and doing readings and poems.   Our talk reminded us that, although we are all different, God’s net of love is wide enough to hold us all.    Each fish which was put into the net had the names of every child and member of staff from both schools.  We also enjoyed the singing of a 60 strong youth choir.
Boys' Brigade Parents' Evening

This took place on Friday 5th May and there was a great turn out.   Three boys were presented with the President's Badge.  They were Loius Beattie, Craig McKee and and Adam McRae.  Also six boys were presented with the Boys' Brigade highest award - the Queen's Badge.  They were Graham Arbuckle, Robert Ballantyne, Alastair Peat, Ewan Ross, David Stewart and Scott Thomson. Congratulations to these boys and the entire company for such a successful year.
Messy Church with the Schools
The Discipleship Committee is doing taster sessions of Messy Church with Drumpark and Greenhill schools where Fiona is chaplain.

We have a monthly lunchtime club at Drumpark which, although the time is short, is great fun.

At festival times we will be having visits from P3 to P7 children from Greenhill for an hour of Messy fun.

This time we have been focussing on Easter and it has been good fun as well as giving us some colourful and messy displays.
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Souper Sunday - February 2017

John Williamson welcomed everyone to Souper Sunday explaining that today’s service was a special act of worship led by members of the congregation.  Souper Sunday is an initiative of the Church of Scotland HIV Programme.   It allows congregations to look at some of the issues around HIV, as well as to raise money for projects around the world that are responding to the challenge of HIV.

Ann Clemenson led us in prayer after the first hymn.

John Scougall explained to the children that today one of the things we are going think about is salt and what difference it can make.  Using a packet of salt and shake crisps, he asked the children to taste the crisps without salt.   Everybody found them tasteless. All agreed that when the salt is added they taste much better.   John explained that Jesus tells us that we are like the salt, by doing small things to help others we can make a big difference.

John read the lesson which was from Matthew 5:13 – 16, where Jesus talks about salt and light.

Waverley Care is Scotland’s HIV and Hepatitis C charity providing services all over Scotland.   The Church of Scotland HIV Programme supports a small part of the work of Waverley Care.   Alexis Crichton told us about one of their volunteers called Sandra who started volunteering in the early 1990’s helping out in the drop in café.  She now helps out as a befriender.  The benefit for her is the feeling that she is giving something back by supporting people in difficult times.   Jim Murray then told us about another Jim, who, in retirement got involved in volunteering with Waverley Care.  He liked the fact that the focus is always on the people.

Dorothy Dunlop, in the sermon, commented on the bible reading, a short extract from a conversation with Jesus, where Matthew captures two powerful, fabulous metaphors for what a life with Jesus looks and tastes like.   Today we are a little ambivalent towards salt but in Jesus’ day salt was a powerful commodity and an essential part of life.   Light, on the other hand, is not a commodity to be bought and sold.  Nor is it something tangible that you can touch, hold or quantify.   In a very small way, the Church of Scotland HIV Programme has tried to be salt and light for people stigmatised by HIV and the very real physical and emotional issues that stigma brings.

Joan Hamilton continued the theme with the church’s programme trying to be the salt and light, making things taste a little better and the dark places a little brighter.  Jesus posed challenges to his friends and they became the salt and light.  Over the years, we have been salt and light in Christ’s name.  As the church’s work continues both at home and abroad, we can be the salt and light to the people we meet.

Fiona Marwick led the prayers of dedication and intercession after the offering was received.

Dorothy concluded the service thanking everyone who had taken part.   She reminded us all of the retiring offering to assist with the Church’s HIV programme and also that there was a simple snack of soup and bread in the hall after the service.​
Helping Hands Challenge

The Helping Hands Challenge was set up in conjunction with St Andrew’s Hospice at the suggestion of its development adviser.  The hospice, along with other charities, had been invited to a county event to promote their charity to the girls.  The Guide division decided to take forward a challenge and create a badge to continue the relationship as the nominated charity for Coatbridge was the hospice.

The challenge was in three parts.  Firstly, to raise money for charity by filling empty Smartie tubes.  Secondly to learn about the charity and thirdly to do good turns and help others.  The girls required to do good turns to earn the money to put into the Smartie tubes.  Some £1100 was raised across the Coatbridge division.

Additionally, there was also a challenge to design and name a badge.  Two girls from our company won this challenge.  These girls were Grace Kirkpatrick who named the badge and Christie Cook who designed it.  The girls received certificates from Fiona at this year’s Thinking Day service in church.

Boys’ Brigade

Even More Competition Results

Battalion Vaulting Competition


The company section won the Battalion vaulting competition on Friday 10th February continuing their fantastic session.  The team members were Ewan Ross, Scott Thomson, Callum Nelson, Robert Ballantyne, Alastair Peat, Adam McRae, George Duigan and Zac Roberts under the coaching of Jim Findlay  and Stuart McDougall.

Commemorative Badges

​At the meeting of the Guild during Guild Week, Moira Kyle and Jean Reid were presented with commemorative badges recognising 60 years each as Guild members.   Both Moira and Jean have been, and continue to be, active members of our Guild and we congratulate them on their loyalty and support.
  Boys’ Brigade

More Competition Results

Battalion 5 a side Football

On Saturday 28th January the Junior section won the Battalion 5 a side competition.  They topped a four team group winning all their games.  They also won a semi-final before facing the 1st Airdrie company in the final.  In a topsy turvy final, the boys took the lead with our opponents missing a penalty but equalising late in the game thus taking the final to penalties.  In the penalty shoot out we were victorious by 4-3.   Well done to all teams taking part showing true BB spirit.   Our team was Harris McCloy, Ethan Fleming, Harrison Howe, Zac McCann, Brodie Thomas, Cal Gilkinson, Matthew Renicks and Harry Lindsay not forgetting coach Ballantyne.

Battalion Scripture Knowledge Competition
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On Monday 30th January the company section won the Battalion Scripture Knowledge competition for the first time. Well done to the team of Robert Ballantyne, Craig McKee, Callum Nelson and Zac Roberts.
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Well done to both these teams.
Boys’ Brigade

Competition Results

Battalion Swimming Gala

The boys had a fantastic night at the Battalion swimming gala at Bellshill swimming pool.   Three boys from the Junior section did well with Ethan Fleming winning a silver medal.   The Company section saw Lewis McKean and Blair McKean winning two gold medals each and Craig McKee won two silver medals.   These three boys along with Scott Thomson came second place in the relay.   As a result of these achievements, the Company won the over all competition.  All boys taking part did well and a great night was had by all.

Battalion Cross Country Competition

The Company section won the Battalion cross country competition which was held recently at Coatbridge Outdoor Sports Centre.    In the Junior event, Blair McKean received a medal for third place and over all the Junior team came third.    Lewis McKean came second in the Intermediate event and Adam McRae was third.  There was no team event at this level.    Scott Thomson won the Senior event and the Senior team was placed first.  With these placings, the Company was the over all winner.    Additionally, four of our boys have been invited to run in the national cross country competition.
Nativity Service - December 2016
The Sunday School and Youth Group presented the Nativity story in Church and afterwards we were all invited over to the hall for tea and mince pies.

During each Sunday in Advent, a new window frieze was displayed telling the Christmas story.

Boys’ Brigade Christmas Appeal 2016

This year all three sections of our Boys’ Brigade decided to help those children less fortunate than themselves by making up shoe boxes containing items suitable for children.   This included colouring books, pencils, sweets, small toys, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap.   In fact, anything for children that could fit in a shoebox.   This appeal has been really successful as can be seen by the number of boxes filled, wrapped and ready for distribution.